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top five fermented product imageHere at Community Natural foods we carry the top five fermented products for you to add to your family favorites this winter!

From kefir in the Mountains of Russia to kimchi in Korea, all around the world traditional diets included fermented foods as a key component in the dishes served. In fact, there are no known cultures that did not have a form of fermentation in their diet! This process was originally used for preservation, helping to keep the harvests of summer last through winter. The naturally occurring, wide range probiotics that occur in the fermentation process, protect the food from rotting and molding.

Probiotics take part in our digestive health. Also known as “good bacteria”, probiotics live in our intestine and in part form our natural gut flora. The same way it protects food from unwanted bacteria, it protects our gut from an overgrowth of “bad bacteria” like Candida, E.coli etc.  Our gut flora also plays a crucial role in breaking down nutrients and making minerals and vitamins more available for absorption.

Having healthy gut flora is essential to keep us nourished.  Recent scientific research found that good bacteria play a big part in our immune system. More and more research shows amazing efficacy in enhancing our immune system’s ability to fight off bacteria, fungi and viruses of all sorts.


Try out our favorite ferments:

  1. Classic sauerkraut- fermented cabbage with different seasoning is very common throughout Europe. It became famous by James Cook for preventing scurvy, due to the high amounts of vitamin C, which will help to keep you healthy through winter. It is also yummy especially with sausages or in a hearty soup.
  2. Kombucha tea- it’s not for nothing this Chinese drink was named “The Tea of Immortality”, a boost of energy and antioxidants is just some of the benefits of this lovely fermented drink. It’s bitter with a mild sweetness, tangy and fizzy, can be a great replacement for soda pop. Come and try a great Calgary made kombucha!
  3. Miso- this fermented soybean paste takes at least a year to be made! Try miso for a quick and easy base for a tasty nutritious soup, winter is the perfect time for warming soups.
  4. Dairy Kefir- this traditional yogurt-like drink is a great source for minerals and protein. Delicious with berries and muesli or granola, this makes it a perfect for a healthy breakfast, especially for kids!
  5. Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Lid – pickle your own veggies!This can be a fun activity on a wintery afternoon with your family! Fill a mason jar with a variety of colorful vegetables and countdown the weeks until you can open and enjoy your very own fermented veggies.


By Hagar Aharon – Assistant Customer Engagement Manager, holistic health enthusiast, mom

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