Fermented Protein Pancakes


Power up your morning with these protein packed pancakes!!

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Fermented Vegan Cheese

Fermented-vegan-cheese-webIn need of a delicious and nutritious meal to satisfy the whole family today? Check out this delicious dairy-free “Not-So Nacho Cheese” .Top your favourite corn chips with this protein-packed vegan cheese and all the fixings you can handle.

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Fermented Berry Spritzer

Fermented-Berry-Spritzer-webKombucha is a fermented beverage made from tea. It helps improves the digestive system, strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy and much more!

Light, refreshing and healthy with a dash of fermentation for better digestion.

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Vegan Kimchi

quick-kimchi_webKimchi, a traditional fermented dish native to Korean cuisine, has become a popular staple in North American homes. This low-calorie, high fiber dish is packed with vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Kimchi is also packed with powerful antioxidants and provides an additional benefit of probiotics.

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Grapefruit Rosemary Kombucha

cropped-Grapefruit-Rosemary-Kombucha_hero.jpgKombucha is an ancient fermented tea beverage that has symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. This wonderful drink can help maintain healthy microflora in your gut and can help prevent bad bacteria from attaching to your gut. It can strengthen your immune system, fight diseases and boost your metabolism and energy levels.

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Kombucha Ketchup

Homemade tomato ketchup by Claire Thomson.In this recipe, kombucha acts as both the culture and the added acidity to give your ketchup a tart zing. Enjoy this as you would regular ketchup but with a healthier twist.

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Cultured Waldorf Salad

Cultered_Waldorf_Salad_webThe salad is a delightful combination of sweet and savory ingredients. Using kefir and sour cream, it comes alive with the tang and probiotics found in cultured dairy.

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Fermented Protein Ice Cream

VeganchocolatechipFermentedIceCreamChocolate Chip Vegan Protein Ice Cream, perfect for an anytime treat.

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Easy Miso Soup

Miso soup and chopsticks

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and the fungus Aspergillus oryzae and sometimes other ingredients. The result is a thick paste used for sauces and spreads, pickling vegetables or meats to serve as miso soup. Miso is high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals.

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